Research activities

Research interests

Detection and estimation.
Wireless communications.
Signal processing, with emphasis on radar and communication systems.


Full list of publications: here.

Supervised Ph.D. students

Teaching and research periods outside Europe

2010/09-...: Visiting Professor at ENSEEIHT (course taught: Estimation Detection, Information Theory, Graduate)
2009/01-07: Visiting Professor at Columbia University (course taught: Information Theory, Graduate)
2008/08-12: Visiting Professor at University of Minnesota (course taught: Digital Communications, Graduate)
2000/10-12: Visiting Research Scholar at Princeton University (New Jersey, USA)
1998/06-12: Visiting Research Scholar at Rice University, Houston (Texas, USA)
1991/03-09: Visiting Research Scholar at University of Connecticut Storrs, (Connecticut, USA)

Recent invited talks

2009/09: "Space-Time Coding in Statistical MIMO Radar", EURASIP Seminar on Radar Signal Processing: Hot Topics and New Trends
2009/07: "Information-Theoretic Waveform Design for MIMO Radar", MIMO Radar Workshop, Office of Naval Research-Georgia Tech, San Diego
2009/05: "Diversity and Energy Integration in Statistical MIMO Radars", Princeton University
2008/04: "Diversity-Integration Trade-offs in MIMO Radars", Columbia University
2009/04: "Sequential tests for Detection and Tracking of Radar Targets", City University of New York (CUNY)
2008/09: "Diversity-Integration Trade-offs in MIMO Detection", University of Minnesota
2008/12: "Finite Random Set Theory: a New Tool for Wireless Communications", University of Minnesota
2008/10: "On Sequential Detection of Dynamical Systems", Napa Valley, JWCC 2008

Collaborations (past and current)